Individual Psychotherapy

$185 per hour Plus HST

My Philosophy of Therapy

There are very good reasons for the problems you are seeking my help with. At some time in your life, often during childhood, you (and me and everybody else) developed ways of coping (including behaviours and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world) in order to protect yourself, or get your needs met in some way, or help you understand and make sense of or live in the world.

Unfortunately, as an adult, these ways of coping are likely working against you. That’s right. Even though they worked as a child, they no longer serve you. That they worked for us before often makes these patterns more difficult to break.

As a psychotherapist, I’ll work with you to help you understand your issues more deeply and I’ll have the goal of helping you to be more compassionate towards yourself.

It isn’t your fault that you struggle with anxiety and fears, or difficulties in important relationships, or that you feel at a loss for how to make improvements in your life. It took a long time for you to get where you are, and it will take patience and care and insight development to make things better.

It’s also deeply understandable that you find all of this deeply upsetting or frustrating or just plain tiring.

Therapy with me will help your struggles feel more bearable. This includes difficulties such as chronic anxiety or anxious thoughts, perfectionism, or people pleasing.

You CAN have a more meaningful life with improved relationships and fewer overwhelming feelings or concerns.

I Offer a Collaborative and Caring Therapy Approach

  • I offer a compassionate, safe and secure space for you to address your struggles.
  • I’m collaborative and personable. You will determine the issues you want to address and the outcomes you wish to accomplish.
  • While I may offer suggestions, you will always decide what we focus on.
  • I’m skilled at understanding you and your issues on a deep level and assisting you to get to the root(s) (there are almost always multiple roots to our issues) of your difficulties so you can improve them.
  • Primarily, I will help you understand yourself more deeply.

Contact me so I can help.

As a professional therapist, I understand that seeking help can be challenging, but reaching out for support is a brave and important first step. Contact me today to learn more about how counselling and psychotherapy can help you work through your problems and achieve greater emotional wellbeing.

“Not to be known always wounds.”

~ Lawrence Durrell